About @Artisan
Here @Artisan we are not looking to get rich off of customers ,nor market poorly manufactured goods. 
Yes, the money is  appreciated as much as it is needed, but here @Artisan we sincerely enjoy creating keepsake memories.
We embrace every moment of everyday and put that same passion into our keepsake memories.                                           
As our busy lives become even more hectic we do not always slow down  to truly acknowledge the many blessings each new day brings us. 
@Artisan we  would like the  opportunity to share with you the many ways to keep your memories and cherish each blessing GOD gives us.
 It is our pleasure to make your special moments into keepsake memories that you can hold on to or share with loved ones. We are grateful to be able to grow  together, with you on our new journey, as we launch our site with  literally one product. Join us as we watch Gods blessings unfold here @Artisan.

Peace and Blessings,
                Laurie Kay

Friends email us here Atartisandesings@gmail.com  if you would like to find out how to order/personalize keepsake memories  for your occasions and celebrations.   
We offer a variety of styles and distinctive products, while ensuring our prices are favorably fair in order  to make your special moments even more extrodinary.